our vow renewal in las vegas!

We already wrote that this year was not easy for us at all. But there where also moments so special and beautiful during the last months. Our personal highlight was our own vow renewal to our sixth wedding day on 25th August which we had in the US, in the dessert of Las Vegas. We already had planned it a year ago, to do it at our fifth wedding anniversary, but then we bought our own home in summer 2017 and we had to skip those plans. But after my Cancer diagnosis we wanted to do this even much more 2018! So we booked our flights and planned everything and had the most wonderful two weeks in Nevada, Utah and Arizona this August. We had booked our great photographer GABY J. already end of 2016 – when we first planned this trip. We booked her because we wanted someone who shoot on film – because you know, we love filmphotography 🙂 Gaby was so kind, so helpfull and adorable! She helped us so much by planning this day, organzied so much for us and picked the perfect spot for our vow renewal out in the dessert. We had a small, intimate ceremony with Holly from FLORAPOP and of course the most emotional part – our own vows. I can tell you  – this evening was EVEN SO MUCH MORE emotional than our weddingday six years ago! We cried and hugged and cried and laughed so much. It was so emotional and beautiful. Just the two of us in one or our favorite surroundings – the dessert with lots of cactuses and the Joshua trees which are so beautiful. And during our photoshoot there was the moon rising, a fullmoon! Can it be more perfect? After our vows and our shoot we sat there under the stars, had a drink and listen to music and whished that this moment would last forever.

We will cherish these memories forever.

This is why I always say: USE EVERY SITUATION YOU HAVE TO CELEBRATE! No matter if it’s “just” your birthday, a anniversaryday or something else. You don’t know how many of these days you will experience in your live! I always loved to plan birthday partys and anniverarys – after this year i even do much more! Take you life not for granted, celebrate it as long as you can and be happy! Be thankful for the people you love and who love you!


Artur made this video with some scenzes of this day and some highlights of our two weeks trip. Just watch and enjoy!

“Celebrate special moments much more – as long as you can!”


Hairstyling: my one and only Jessica Kaser

(She styled my wig many times during this year and was so happy that I always had such a pretty styled wig! I transported the perfect styled wig in a box from germany to Las Vegas and back)

Photography & Location scouting + planning: Gaby J. Photography from Las Vegas

Ceremony: Holly from FLORAPOP Las Vegas

Dress: Free People

“Flowers”: DIY with Silk Ribbons from Seidenband

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