Jungle vibes Tulum Coupleshooting on Film

We are so excited to show you this lovely Jungle vibes Tulum Coupleshooting on Film from our recent Mexico trip!

As some of you maybe saw on our Instagram, we just came back from Tulum, México two weeks ago. We had a really great time, just relaxing, enjoying the caribbean sea, the beautiful nature, and of course the fooood! We ate the best Tacos in our life and miss it already!!! Most of the time we stayed in the young and vibrant city Tulum, even if its a really “hipster” town, with lot’s of “Instagram – Hotspots”, we even tough loved it for his new age style and jungle-shrouded bars, restaurants and shops. So without question it was clear that we would love to have a nice photoshoot there and we where lucky enough that Marietta & Benjamín wanted to be in front of our lenses!

We met Marietta 2018, when she was a bridesmaid of one of our former brides in Germany. Together with her boyfriend she lives in Tulum since the last years. What we have to say about these two: After working with couples over 10 years now, we can really clear “feel” the connection between a couple, very quick! And with these two we immediately saw and feel the really strong connection between them. I can not really explain this – but sometimes we meet a couple and we know after a short meeting: These two are SO PERFECT for each other, they found their perfect soulmate.

Maybe we are too romantic – but these two are the perfect example for a real couple.

(Just watch the little film and the photos – you will see what I try to explain)

Marietta is also a really great Tourguide and offers bespoke tours for Tulum and the Area around! Just check her out if you ever want to visit Tulum or Cancun! She also gave us so many tipps for our time there and after we had a really nice and fun shooting with both of them. We ended the day in a little hidden restaurant next to a “cenote” in the middle of the busy Tulum Beach Road! (We would never ever had found this place without them). We always will remember this great evening with them, had so much to talk and wished we could have more time together! But they had to work the next day, so we couldnt talk till dawn unfortunatly 😀

I already wrote way to much: please just enjoy the pictures and the little film Artur did. And if you want to see and know more about our first México Trip, there will coming a little travel blogpost soon, with lots of travelphotos  and our tipps – so stay tuned for it!

We hope to be back in México one day, so you can book your own Jungle vibes Tulum Coupleshooting on Film!


I shoot all the photos on film. Thank you to our amazing filmlab MEIN FILM LAB for the great filmscans!

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